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Okay ... I'll Chime In.

Oh, come on ... you knew I would have an opinion on the Miley Cyrus performance at the VMAs last weekend.  And here it goes.  I seriously don't care that she mimicked soft porn with a B-lister dressed like Beetlejuice, double her age on national  TV.  I haven't watched the VMAs in many years because it's filled with performances pushing the envelope in directions I don't care to be pushed.  I'll save my breath and not preach about the young girls who now think conducting yourself like that is okay, because that's our job as parents to teach our kids what's acceptable, not Hollywood, not TV.  I won't compare Madonna to Miley claiming that both have made some eyebrow-raising moves along the years, because seriously, you can't compare anyone to Madonna, you just can't.  I think it was a classless choice to assume that this is what her fans, the public and that poor, poor audience wanted to see.  Good thing I don't have to watch her, my son doesn't have to see her and my niece won't grow up looking up to her.  First and foremost because we're lucky enough to have choices about that sort of thing and secondly, because I think Miley Cyrus' 15 seconds of fame may have been wrapped up with that little stunt.  God speed Hannah Montana!  Miley Cyrus just nailed close your coffin. 

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08/27/2013 12:32PM
Okay...I'll Chime In.
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