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One Year Ago

One year ago today was my first day back from maternity leave.  I'm so glad it's not last year.  Besides from walking out the door without my son for the first time and being away from him for any amount of real time, I had so much more to learn; and will keep learning every day.  To think of the rather helpless newborn I had at this time last year compared to the crazy, walking, running, pizza-loving little man I call my son so humbling.  I'm more proud of Everett every single second.  Being a mom with a full-time job is quite the feat.  Your heart and your brain tend to be in two different places most of the time.  But it's those quiet moments...usually when it's just Everett and me...usually in the middle of the night that I'm reminded of why I wanted so badly to become a mom.  And many nights, when I'm thinking about that loving thought...I get peed on and gladly hand him over to his grandparents in the morning. 

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03/21/2013 2:53PM
One Year Ago
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