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WHEW!!!!  I'm finally seeing the light at the end of a LONG shoulder surgery tunnel.  It was about what they told me it would be.  Painful with an extended recovery period.  And they were right. They "they" I refer to are the rock solid health pros at the U.W.  Man, they know their stuff.  And they never once called me a big baby, although at times I fear I acted like one. It's not to say I'm through this. The normal recovery time for what I had done is about six months.  Meaning I'll have to put off trying to qualify for the PGA tour until next year.  No kayaking this summer either.  I was able to get my garden in single handedly.  And I mean that literally.  Actually I have to thank my two kids....BJ and Lizzy for all their help in the usual yard chores that come with spring. And without a big helping hand from my friend Steve, the garden thing would never have happened.  Sign me, rehabbing.

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05/24/2013 9:01AM
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