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Painting the Kitchen

I think I am missing a few serious parts, really.  I finally found the perfect color paint for my kitchen...I had already found the right color for the wall behind the sink, but it was too much for the rest of the room.  Well, I got the new paint home Friday and before I even put my other purchases away, I opened the can and started right in!  See what I mean?  Nut-so, but I could not stop myself.  Before I knew it the whole place was taken apart, and the three walls had the first coat.  It looks sooo good, who cares if every part of my body aches from bending and stretching like a swami yoga master?  Bags of things went off to St. Vinny's.  I repainted all the accent pieces, cleaned behind the stove, rearranged EVERYTHING and even figured out where to keep the crock pot and blender.  Poor Joe must have a crick in his neck from watching me standing on the counter tops. He must have thought I lost my mind.  Wait, didn't I already say that I did? 

04/30/2013 10:10AM
Painting the Kitchen
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