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You Win, Darryl

Darryl is the biggest “Bat Fan” I know.  When he answered a 6:50 “Batman” trivia question several years ago, I mentioned my prized autographed photo of Lee Meriwether, “Catwoman” on the TV series.

(Question for you: name the other two actresses that portrayed “Catwoman”).

Darryl promptly sent me a photo of himself wearing his “Robin” outfit.  I knew I was out of my league.  Darryl lives in Florida now. I heard from him recently.  The “Batmobile” came to his town, so he dressed as Robin and had this picture taken.

(answer:  Julie Newmar and Eartha Kitt)

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Did you see what Barry Manilow did to that woman?

My wife saw this clip of Barry’s nationally televised July 4th concert.  She has not been a “Fanilow” since 1988, when we went to a Barry Manilow Coliseum concert.

Manilow’s management had offered a Magic 98 listener a chance to chat with Barry before the show. I brought along a tape recorder to capture the moment and maybe get a few comments from Barry for the next day’s Magic morning show.  While my wife located our seats for the concert, I went backstage with the Magic contest winner…only to realize I had left the tape recorder with my wife, who was spotted by security and taken away.  She explained she had no intention of bootlegging a Barry Manilow concert.

Meantime, backstage we were greeted by a snippy tour manager. Noticing our contest winner’s camera, he said “Please, DON’T ask Barry for a picture.  Chat with him, get his autograph, but no pictures.”

I realized later this was the “bad cop” act because, when Barry emerged from his dressing room, he instantly said “Oh, a camera! Would you like to take a picture?”

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