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Head Scratcher
I don’t know much about a broadcasting company that competes with Mid-West Family and Magic 98, but when I  saw this headline I thought “this is a mistake.”

ENTERCOM’S WMMM/MADISON, WI midday host PAT GALLAGHER is exiting the station after 21 years due to budget cuts.  His last day is 9/26.
I regularly check out every Madison radio station … AM, FM, Public, Religious, Rock … everything, just to know what’s happening.  Pat Gallagher has the music passion, rapport with listeners and a long list of positive projects for Madison. I guess I should be happy when competitors make dumb moves, but not this time.
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Back to School

No kid likes to see summer end, and since I’ve never really grown up that may explain the slight melancholy I feel every fall. Once school got going I liked it.  I liked it more when I had a “good” teacher, which I’ll define as “patient, friendly, positive.”  Second grade Oregon teacher Mrs. Prestegard was that way. 


Gorman & Company now occupy the building where I attended 4th grade.  I remember Miss (BLANK) mainly for her discipline, ordering “20 sentences” whenever we talked without permission.  Thanks to the 10,000 sentences I wrote on the blackboard that year, my printing is excellent to this day.

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