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Looking forward to Halloween Magic
I like Halloween more now than when I was a kid.  The songs I get to play (“Clap for the Wolfman,” “Spooky,”  Evil Woman”) are great, and it’s just fun to spend a day driving around meeting Magic listeners, although I was distracted the time Gary Cannalte and I stopped at a house and a dripping wet woman wearing a too-small towel answered. Perhaps that was just her costume of choice.
This gorilla outfit kept me alive for several years.  When I was a young, starving part-time radio guy in Minneapolis, I would do “Gorilla-Grams” for $20.00.  For someone with no singing or theater ability, I was a good gorilla. 
I’ve kept the outfit in case things go south at Magic.
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Show Biz Glamour?
Several times during the Mary Chapin Carpenter/Shawn Colvin concert this past Saturday night I wondered “How are you putting on this great show after the day you’ve had?” (Because of bus troubles they arrived in Madison just hours before the concert).  

I know it’s their job, but I’m fascinated by the ability of performers to put aside their mundane hassles and deliver the goods.  And these two did.

This was a stretch of five concerts in five nights.  The bus traveled from St. Louis to Madison to Iowa City to Green Bay to Chicago.  “Luxury motorcoach” or not, you know how good you feel after a long bus ride.  And THEN it’s time to perform! 

The Capitol Theater crowd was loud. I hope these performers could tell it was a special night and not just another stop on the tour. 
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