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I used to love Pop Tarts

While visiting with Lanette Hansen and Jim Bartlett in the “Announcer’s Lounge” one afternoon, I mentioned my daily sugar craving after spotting Pop Tarts in Magic’s vending machine.

Lanette is a student of good eating habits and author of “Lanette’s Healthy Living.”  Jim once worked for “Weight Watchers.” But both surprised me by saying “Go get ‘em,” feeling that an occasional treat won’t hurt and that obsessing about it is worse.

I grabbed some pretzels instead.

This all began recently when my doctor, the excellent Ken Felz at Meriter Middleton, used the phrase “pre-diabetic” after my check-up.  He reminded me that a slightly better diet and slightly more exercise can make a major difference.

So we’ve gone several weeks without the ice cream and candy treats in our house.  I’m a little surprised that I don’t miss them more, but I don’t miss the few pounds that I’ve lost.  This experiment will continue.



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04/15/2013 9:32AM
I used to love Pop Tarts
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