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"Firsts" I'm Not Looking Forward To

Friday April 15th was my first birthday without my mom around. I got through the day okay, but it's definitely an odd feeling to not be able to visit (or get a phone call or birthday card from) the person who was responsible for delivering you into this world on that particular day. There's a vacuum in your heart and soul when the one person who's the happiest you were brought into this world is not there to celebrate with you.

The next two mother-centered occasions will be more emotionally draining on me. Mom's birthday is on April 24th, and Mothers Day always follows within the next two to three weeks. If you hear my voice sounding a little choked up on the air right after a Mothers Day commercial has aired, you'll know why. ;-) Please give YOUR mother an extra hug for me this May 8th.
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Baseball With Mr. Baseball

(Pictured: Miller Park; credit: Keith Homan,

The Milwaukee Brewers' 2016 season is officially underway. Too bad the home opener was a loss :-) I'm not even a very big fan of baseball, but I'm a huge fan of Bob Uecker!

I hope Brewers fans realize the treasure that Bob is. So many other major league baseball announcers are rather lackluster compared to Uecker. His well of funny stories runs deep, and I crack up every time he raves about Usinger's Sausages and Krrrrisp Kraut! Not only is he Mr. Baseball--Bob Uecker, Mr. Baseball--he's Mr. Wisconsin as well. I can only hope my mind is half as sharp as his is when I'm 82 years old.

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