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Play Date

You always hear Julie and Lanette talk about their kids and what they do with them on the weekends.  My pets are my kids and I do fun stuff with them on the weekends too.  Saturday Truman had a play date with my new friend Julie and her 8 month old puppy named Blue.  They came over to our house and we decided to take a neighborhood walk and on the way back we went into the tennis court area and closed the gate so the dogs could run around in the snow for a while.  It was so cute how they tried to bury themselves under the snow and how they bound through it playing chase.  When we got back to my house we were going to go inside to play for a while before they went home.  Well, there was a small power play at the door and the boys ended up getting into a scuffle.  I was so embarrassed.  I felt like it was the equivalent of Lanette's Everett pushing his playmate into a mud puddle.  (But I know Everett would never do that)  Needless to say Julie and Blue had to go home after that.  Boys will be boys....or should I say dogs will be dogs.  Either way, Julie and I both understand how to be good dog moms so we've got plenty more play dates in the future.  I'm looking forward to it.  It's fun to sit and have a cup of tea and watch the kids play in the next room.     

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02/05/2013 11:39AM
Play Date
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