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Puffy Pizza

Yikes-a-monda!  What the?  This, my friends, is the small hunk of frozen-solid dough I left on my kitchen counter, wrapped in buttered Saran Wrap, to thaw.  That was Wednesday morning, the day I drove to Portage for a Mugs & Muffins delivery.  When I got home, it was fine,  just starting to puff out a bit.  This (photo) is what I came home to after Magic Night on the roof top of Wilde Honda that night!  I am not kidding, it actually frightened me when I switched on the light.  This is the pizza dough I was thawing?  An even scarier thought: Is this how big I will blow up if I eat the pizza made with this dough?  I grabbed my camera so I could share it with you.  NO one would ever believe it swelled up that big for real.  I thought it was so funny that I couldn't even take the picture until I settled down to focus the camera.  What the h-e-double-hockey-sticks am I gonna do with THIS?  Turns out,  I just had to fold it in on itself and let it rest a few minutes. It made an excellent pizza crust after all.  Who'da thunk Rhodes Bake N-Serv could create so much levity in my kitchen? (pun intended!)

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05/14/2013 9:39AM
Puffy Pizza
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