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Raspberries are a-growin

Holy cow!  We moved into our new house just over a year ago and if you remember ... everything bloomed super early last year because of the short-lived heat wave in March/April and then by June everything was dead and drying up through July thanks to the drought.  So we didn't really get to know our house's landscaping.  The a/c was cranked and we stayed inside for most of the summer.  But this year it's a completely different story.  It's been gorgeous and so fun getting to know our house and the beautiful plants tate surround it.  I'm VERY excited that half of the south side of the house has raspberries.  We could go out there twice a day and come back in with a bowl of freshly-picked, ruby red raspberries.  I've never had raspberries or any kind of veggie/fruit garden since my parent's house when I was little...we had two big ol' veggie gardens but as we got older, they went away.  We haven't done anything with the raspberries other than eat them straight out of the bowl, but I'd love to try a couple desserts with them.  Even just putting then on some vanilla frozen yogurt would be amazing, I'm sure.  So here's to you if you do the whole 'garden thing' I totally get the high of reaping what you sow.  MMMmmm.

07/10/2013 2:33PM
Raspberries are a-growin
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