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Phone First
Remember that old ad slogan "Let your fingers do the walking"?  My husband could have saved himself some time, gas, and frustration recently if he had simply "Googled" or "Binged" first before driving.  We celebrated our wedding anniversary on 9/17, and late the night before my husband couldn't find the card he swore he bought for me recently.  So, he hatched this plan: early on the morning of our anniversary, he would sneak out the door (I'm a heavy sleeper & didn't hear the car pull out of the garage) and drive about 20 minutes to Stoughton.  There's a Walgreen's and a Walmart there, and he thought "surely they'll be open by 6am and I'll be able to find a nice card."  WRONG.  He knew I would wake up before these two stores opened their doors, so he drove back home and put together a home-made card for me.  I'll treasure that card the rest of my life, and I'm blessed to be married to a man who would go to such lengths for a little anniversary card ... and the roses he had delivered to me at work that day were pretty swell, too :-) 
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Serena Williams would be shaking her head ...
... if she ever saw me and my husband play tennis!  And, I use the word "play" very loosely.  We both enjoy the game, but we're pretty rusty due to the fact we don't play very often.  We did get the urge to play this past Sunday, tossed our gear in the car, and thought we'd try to find an open court at Monona's Ahuska Park.   That's the park on East Broadway, just east of the intersection of Broadway and Monona Drive.  This park has eight tennis courts, and a couple were open when we drove by.  However, we decided not to play there because no one should have to witness how bad we are.  That's something you just can't un-see.  So we drove to Winnequah Park and found their two tennis courts to be unoccupied.  Perfect!

We proceeded to hit the ball back & forth for about 30 minutes, occasionally lobbing it clear up and over the court's fence.  Tennis is a really good workout, especially when you're running to the neighboring court just to hit the ball back to the court you're supposed to be playing on.  We returned home, stored our racquets back in the basement, and dreamed of the next time we'll play......probably another 3 - 5 years from now ;-)
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