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I'm Dreaming of a ... Thanksgiving Disaster
The stress of hosting my family's Thanksgiving gathering this year must be getting to me.  The other night I had a dream where multiple things went wrong on the big day.  First of all, I wanted to have dinner on the table by about 1:30pm.  Unfortunately, I forgot to even put the turkey in the oven until 1pm!  I also couldn't find my silverware anywhere in the house.  The turkey in my dream must have still been partially frozen, because it still wasn't done cooking by 7pm.  On top of all this, there were several people in my house I didn't even know, much less invite!  Thank goodness I woke up before any thing more could go wrong, or else my dream - I mean, nightmare -  probably would have continued with me cashing in my IRAs and 401 k just to go shopping on Black Friday!
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