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I Think I May Have a Tuna Fish Hoarding Problem
Does anyone else keep about 60 cans of tuna in their basement, and start getting nervous when the supply gets down to 40 cans? Anyone? (cue the crickets).  Okay, I admit it.  I'm a tuna hoarder.  My husband and I love solid white tuna and eat so much of it that we stock up whenever we see a really good sale on it.  I've been known to visit the same grocery or drug store two or three times in the same week when they're having a great sale and buy 8,10, maybe 12 cans.  However, I'm not the type of person who clears the shelf of a product and denies other shoppers the pleasure of getting that good deal.  I try to have at least some shopping etiquette ;-)  A couple years ago my husband and I were shopping at a CVS pharmacy in the Milwaukee area during one of their tuna sales and noticed numerous cases of tuna cans at one of their end caps.  There was no limit on how many cans a customer could buy, so we went home with two cases ... that's 96 cans of tuna!!  It's not a bad addiction to have.  Tuna has loads of lean protein, vitamin B, selenium, and various important minerals.  If I ever leave the radio business, I should probably do public relations work for Starkist or Chicken of The Sea.  Next time I see you at a Magic 98 event, ask me for my Cheesy Tuna Taco recipe.  It's one of my all-time favorites!
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I Already Have My New Year's Resolution for 2014!
And it's to spend more time cleaning my house.  No, really.  I resolve to spend at least a couple blocks of 30 - 40 minutes each week just cleaning one or two rooms at a time.  I used to have an all-or-nothing attitude toward cleaning, but getting my house ready to host Thanksgiving pretty much changed my ways.  I've reached the age where I just don't have the energy to spend 5,6 or 7 hours trying to clean my house top to bottom, because when I do I'm completely wiped out for the rest of the day and part of the next!  Not that my house is a disaster, but having four cats around means there's always some cat hair to be vacuumed up somewhere.  Plus, just doing a little cleaning here and there throughout the week should prevent me from being mortified about what my house looks like if somebody stops by with no advance notice.  So there, more frequent house-cleaning is my New Year's Resolution.  Don't say I don't know how to party :P 
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