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I'm Married to a Rock Star
My husband's band Dead End Moves makes their first Brat Fest appearance this Friday afternoon.  I'm actually taking the day off to see them since it's one of those rare gigs that doesn't start at 9pm or 10:30pm when I'm usually a little too dog tired to attend (thanks Middle Age!). 

I know I'm a little biased, but he's a darn good drummer.  And luckily, his drum kit is set up yards away from our house inside our shed, so I don't always have to hear how good he is when he's practicing. ;-)  He didn't drum at all for nearly the first 10 years that I knew him, mainly due to time constraints.  However, after a brush with death due to a dissected aorta back in 2001, he decided life is too short to keep denying himself the pleasure of his passion for drumming.  I'm very proud of him, and am so grateful he has such a fun outlet for reducing stress. 

If you're planning on attending Brat Fest this Friday afternoon, swing by the Wind River Stage between 2:40 and 3:50 to check him out!
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I Hear My Garden Hoe Calling Me!
There were several days during this past treacherous winter when I found myself thinking, "I'd much rather be pulling weeds in my garden than shoveling snow and dealing with these insane wind chills!"  And now, I get to pull weeds again soon because we're close to planting our 2014 garden. 

My husband and I love to grow tomatoes (especially those cute little yellow pear tomatoes), strawberries, cucumbers, honeydew melons and lots of hot peppers.  My husband must have Teflon lining his stomach, because he can eat an entire fresh jalapeno pepper without batting an eye.  If you haven't bought your plants yet, I highly recommend Jung Garden Centers.  They've been in business since 1907, so they know a thing or two about growing a garden!  

Now, if they could just invent a self-weeding garden, we'd be in horticulture heaven!
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