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Bacon, Brew & BBQ
I'm willing to bet you're a fan of at least one out of the above three, if not all three!  I'm honored to be a celebrity judge at Sun Prairie's Bacon, Brew & BBQ Fest on Saturday, July 12 at Angell Park.  There's going to be two live music stages in addition to the opportunity to sample lots of different bacon, craft beer and barbeque.  I'm in love. 

I would love to see you there, and here's the link with more info!
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There's Sugar Everywhere. Make It Stop!
I try to watch my intake of sugar by reading labels carefully.  Sugar finds its way into so so many foods you wouldn’t expect, like some types of hot sauce and pizza sauce.  I fully expect to have sugar in the sweet flavors of yogurt I buy, and I’m okay with that - at least for the time being.  But sugar in pizza sauce??  And then this next experience made my jaw drop.

My husband and I were shopping recently and picked up a bottle of garlic pepper seasoning.  I got that bottle out of our pantry a few days later to season some meat that we were going to grill.  We didn’t even bother to look at the ingredient label while we were in the store because we thought “it’s garlic pepper, what else would be mixed in with it?” I was about to sprinkle it on some raw meat when I decided to check the label quick.  Sure enough, sugar was the THIRD ingredient!  It’s no wonder so many Americans are overweight when sugar is sneaking into so many foods you wouldn’t expect.

Here’s a good article to start you off if you’d like to learn more
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