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Is There Anything Johhny Depp Can't Do?
I remember when I first became aware of Johnny Depp.  It was in the late '80s when he starred on the TV series 21 Jump Street.  I never watched the show, and for some reason I wrote him off as simply another pretty boy with average talent.  That was until I saw him in "Edward Scissorhands."  Nowadays, I can't imagine any other actor performing that role as well as Johnny did.  Some of his movies (especially "Ed Wood" and "What's Eating Gilbert Grape") rank high on my list of my favorite films of all time.  Until recently, I had forgotten that Johnny is a pretty good musician, too!  Here's a clip of him joining Aerosmith on stage at a recent show.  Enjoy!
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What I Did on My Summer Vacation
I was fortunate to have a full week off in late June, and Mother Nature cooperated with some nice weather.  I recently bought my husband a new Trek bike, so we loaded up our bikes for a couple of overnight stays in Mequon and Stevens Point.  We fell in love with the Ozaukee Interurban Trail.  It's 30 miles long and paved the entire way, so it's a little less demanding than biking on a crushed limestone trail.  We biked from Cedarburg to the edge of Saukville and back, then enjoyed a cold one at Silver Creek Brewing Company.

The next morning we headed to Stevens Point and rode the city's Green Circle Trail.  It's a wonderful trail that has you biking through residential neighborhoods, forest preserves, and along the Wisconsin River.  You definitely won't get bored with the scenery on this 25+ mile trail.  My tailbone had had enough after about 20 miles, but I had no choice other than to keep pedaling to get back to our truck!

I highly recommend these two trails for your family's next biking adventures!
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