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September 2012

Wednesday 9/26/12

Yesterday, someone asked me how my wrist is doing so I thought I would give you an update.  I broke my wrist on July 7th trying to kill a wasp. I had surgery on July 17th to repair the damage.  Now I am doing some occupational therapy to get my mobility back.  All in all, my wrist is doing quite well.  The therapist says I have a lot of range of motion and I don’t need to wear a brace anymore.  I need to do these bendy/stretchy type exercises with my wrist.  I have a lot of scar tissue that I need to massage away every day.  The more diligent I am about doing all these things the faster it will get back to normal.  I don’t notice the plate and screws at all.  The scar is a little scary looking though and I also think the wrist itself looks a little crooked and weird.  I’m told that by January all the swelling should be gone and everything should be back to normal.  That seems like a long time but it gives me something to look forward to.

Thursday 9/20/12

Lanette and I have been having conversations about Pinterest.  She just started using it and I have lots of other facebook friends who use it so I thought I would try it myself.  I signed up for Pinterest on Tuesday night and have three boards.  I can see how Pinterest can occupy several hours of one’s time.  I think I spent around two hours joining and finding things to pin to my boards.  I will admit it can be habit forming but I’m a pretty good time manager and will only allow myself to spend about an hour a night on Pinterest….except maybe weekends…..or on the nights when I don’t have to walk the dog, or make dinner or do the dishes or push the vacuum around, or throw in a load of laundry or shop for groceries or clean the cat box or do yard work or help my girlfriend with her latest “man” problem.  Hey, maybe I can make a new board out of each one of those above mentioned items.  That way I can waste…I mean…SPEND time on Pinterest AND feel like I’m doing something productive at the same time!  So far my boards are Australian Cattle Dogs, Shabby Chic and Painted Fireplaces.  If you want to find me and share a pin, please do!  
Wednesday 9/12/12

I love dogs and cats and birds and fish and…horses.  Growing up I never had one of my own but my parents let me take riding lessons so I did for years.  I went to horse camp and participated in competitions with horses that belonged to other people.  Before I ever took riding lessons I had tons of plastic horses and a wooden corral I would set up and play with.  So, it just makes sense as an adult I still love horses and want to be around them.  My outlet is 3-Gaits Therapeutic Horsemanship Center.  It’s a place that provides therapeutic horsemanship for kids and adults with disabilities and special needs.  I am a volunteer there where I get to groom and saddle up the horses for class and then lead the horses for the riders.  It is such a humbling and rewarding experience.  However, this semester I am unable to volunteer because of my schedule.  I thought if you love horses or have a daughter or son who loves horses 3-Gaits is a great way for them to be around the horses while learning some wonderful life lessons at the same time.  3-Gaits is always looking for new volunteers.  They provide all the training.  In fact they have a training session coming up this Saturday if you are interested.  Just click here to find out what volunteering at 3-Gaits is all about.  Then maybe I will meet you out there this winter!        

Friday 9/7/12

I signed Truman up for some obedience classes.  Since Truman is a rescue I discovered along the way which commands he knows.  He has the basics down so I signed up for intermediate obedience.  Our first class was Wednesday night and the instructor said Truman is an “advanced” student and recommended moving into the advanced class.  She asked me which behavior problems I want to work on.  I told her that Truman is wonderful and well balanced and submissive and obedient inside the house.  It’s outside where I need better voice command control.  If he sees a rabbit or a squirrel before I do it’s hard for me to break his focus.  Sometimes his focus gets so intent that he’ll try to break out of his collar and give chase.  I’ve been working with him on my own for the past year and he’s come a long way but I thought a class with help me with tips that I am missing.  Since Truman is advance we are moving into the outdoor control class that meets on Sunday mornings.  It’s off leash and I’m really looking forward to the both of us learning together.  Truman is a very, very good dog.  I just want him to be a great dog.  Which reminds me of this commercial that makes me cry every time I watch it.  Watch it here

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