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September 2012

Tuesday 9/25/12

Okay, I've just got to go 'there.'  SO much talk about the replacement refs in the NFL.  'Just pay the regular refs so we can get on with a worthwhile season' is the constant sentiment I keep hearing.  And I seems a shame to lose out just because of the money-hungry owners trying to save a buck.  BUT...please tell me you see the hilarity in caring so much about a quality football season vs a quality education year for the world's future...our children.  Over and over teachers are mocked, ridiculed and put-down for going on any kind of strike and so many times the teachers are the ones marked as being money-hungry, lazy and stubborn.  I've not heard once that the NFL refs are any of the aformentioned qualities.  Did you know that one of the things the Chicago teachers were striking about was to make sure their students had their textbooks at the beginning of the year rather than by December?  They were on strike FOR their students, not against them.  I would find it hard to believe that any of the referees are striking for the good of the players and the game.  If we were to slot the teacher scenario into the current NFL debacle, we the tax-payers are the money-hungry team owners, unwilling to spend extra cash.  That's why it's hard to understand why we are pleading with the owners to just pay out so we can get on with our NFL viewing pleasure, but yet are unwilling to pay teachers to keep their classrooms and in turn, the kids in the most learning-effective environments.  I fully understand that the kids' school year is hurt when teachers go on strike and I hear that argument loud and's just ridiculous to me that the NFL and the future of our children are even on the same platform and I may argue, one seems to be more important than the other...guess which one....

Friday 9/14/12

So it was a good try...Cauliflower tater tots.  They sound fabulous and healthy and I took a stab at 'em last night.  I steamed, I dabbed, I whisked and now it was time to put everything into the food processor.  For some reason, I couldn't get the lid to click all the way on and for a safety won't run without the 'click' of the lid.  I tried, I tried AND I TRIED...but no 'click'.  It was getting late and I needed something to eat, so in my frustration I fake smiled and threw it all down the garbage disposal.  Sometimes, food delivery is God sent.

Wednesday 9/5/12

I just signed up for the coolest run of all time...The Color Me Rad 5k.  It's next month on Willow Island.  You wear white and there's bursts of colors that you run through creating a super cool t-shirt to take home.  It's so fun you'll forget you're running.  A bunch of friends will be getting together for this run.  It'll be my first race of any sort since Everett was born so I'm really looking forward to it.  Wish me goes nuthin'!

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September 2012
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