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September 2012

Thursday, 9/27/12

And just when I was getting the hang of it. My first season as a farmer's market vendor is coming to an end.  Partly because of the calendar, partly because of the weather.  Three weeks of the Capitol View Market left.  This has been a great thing. I really like the other vendors at our little market, and the people that are behind it all are awesome people. And a big thanks to all the folks that come out to support the concept of sustainable agriculture. Eating fresh food that is still alive does make a difference, and going organic is not easy, but worth it.  It sounds like our market manager Becky Paris will be retiring after this season. She is a very cool person and will be missed. Time to get the hen house ready for a long cold winter. I want to make sure the "girls" are comfy cozy so they can do their thing all winter long.

Thursday, 9/20/12

This year's growing season continues to try and do my garden in. First it was a battle against the super hot, super dry conditions all summer. Now it's an early September frost. I know lots of people dodged the frost bullet this week...but not me. It's the end of my beloved basil crop. Frost also nipped my squash plants and tomatoes to a lesser degree...not good. I'm finally getting the hang of the Farmer's Market thing...and now this. Oh well.

Had some real fun at the Willy Street Fair this past weekend. Good party.  The food...really good. Especially dig those Chinese bun things from Umami Ramen and Dumpling Bar. We shared a couple of them. One stuffed with Korean Bar-B-Que, and another with a spicy tofu set up. Both were great. Waded into the crowd with Ziggy, my 60 pound poodle, and his best pal Derby, my daughter's five pound Yorkie/Terrier mix. Both made it through with relative ease...with the exception of the stops we had to make for the people that wanted to see Derby close up. She is a cutie to be sure. No lap dog, though. She was on the ground on her leash the entire time. And once again I have to say...Zig is the best dog I've ever known. Good boy!

Friday 9/14/12

Heading over to the Willy Street Fair this weekend.  T and I always have a blast.  This all other years, there'll be a ton of cool stuff to do (and eat).  This is my favorite time of year, not just because the temperature has dropped below the hide-scorching levels we saw this year, but also because it's tomato time.  I am canning again this weekend.  Hit the Bloody Mary mix hard last this weekend it'll be juice, jam and slow-roasted.  And of course it's a must that I sample some of last weekend's results.  Yummy.

Thursday, 9/6/12

The one upside to not seeing your close family for a long that when you's awesome!  That was the case over the long Labor Day weekend.  My sis and brother-in-law and all the kids came out to our camp site at Bong Recreational Area when we pulled in Friday night.  Got there after dark so it was kinda interesting setting up. Once we did, though, we lit a campfire and had a great time. Fact is, we sat and laughed and talked till 3 Saturday morning!  Recalling all the crazy stuff we did when we were young, and remembering how equally crazy my mom and sister were. Those were the days, man. When I finally hit the hay Saturday morning, I realized I had been up a straight 24 hours!  The day starts early in Radio-Land. It was worth it, though.  Gotta make sure I get down there more often.

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September 2012
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