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It Sounds Tasty, but Garlic Mustard is a Pain in the Neck

Garlic mustard is the Terminator of the weed world; it's so difficult to get rid of! My husband and I first noticed this invasive weed growing on our property at least 8 or 9 years ago, and we've been trying to eradicate it every one of those years. It's been a learning process over these years. We originally began spraying the garlic mustard with Roundup too late in the season for it to do much good. We have hand-pulled dozens of huge contractor-size garbage bags full of garlic mustard and disposed of it, only to see new plants growing in the hand-pulled areas again a couple years later. We have finally figured out that the earlier in the season we spray (mostly the month of April) the better chance we have of winning the battle ... and it is a BATTLE that I wouldn't wish on anyone. Here's a couple of informative links on this nasty weed that smothers everything trying to grow in the same area:

* University of Wisconsin Extension
* Herbarium


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