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Some Things I've Learned

So this week has been an odd mix of weirdness.  Maybe you're on board with me...some head-shakin', 'what the heck' sort of days. 

These are some of the things I've learned.

1) Wine goes really well with just about everything when you've had a bad day.
2) Don't assume.  Holy Pete's sake...DON'T ASSUME!
3) If you do in fact, assume...see #1.
4) Don't cook two Papa Murphy's pizzas at once.  Just don't do it.
5) A three year-old's broken bones heal in two weeks.
6) Overnight diapers only keep some children from peeing out of their jammies.  Not mine.
7) Book club is not for me.  Now wine club...that I could do.  (See #1)
8) When your husband is left to make dinner for the family and says he's going to 'just throw in a pizza', let him.  The alternative is not yummy.
9)Pony tails are a fashion statement, not laziness.  Or if I may be honest...they're more of a 'running late' sort of fashion statement.

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02/05/2013 4:14PM
Some Things I've Learned
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