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St. Francis

Some time ago, I had just finished up wallpapering a client’s kitchen and saw this statue of St. Francis.  It was really beat up and in two pieces on her front porch.  She was heart sick over it and was going to throw it away.  Some kids had broken it and dumped it in her fishpond.  Well, I couldn't bring myself to toss such a noble (and now, so politically correct) saint.  I have him in the center of my indoor garden in what I affectionately call my 'Green Room.'

It took me a while to match the right paint, colors, glue and time to get him patched up again.  I put him back together, constructed a brand new type of nose, cleaned up the millions of chips, and refreshed his rope sash in its original festive blue.  I changed the color of the Rosary beads a little, though.  He will have to wait until I have more time to work on the mangled toes of his left foot … it's very tricky making good toes!

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07/26/2013 11:32AM
St. Frances
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