Sara Freeman

My Mouth Starts Watering . . .

. . . as soon as I get close to Lien Road on Madison’s east side. That’s because of all the tastiness that’s inside a new store called The Cinnamon Stick. Each and every aisle is stocked high with goodies like chocolates, honey, dried fruit and nuts, granola, hot sauces, soups, pastas, soooo many spices, farm fresh eggs, locally made brats, and so much more. The Cinnamon Stick should be your go-to shop if you love to bake, as they offer so many different types of flours (including gluten-free), sugars, decorative sprinkles, and more. 

The owners, Jennifer and Steve, buy their products in bulk and then transfer them into smaller packages so that you can buy just the amount you need while still enjoying bulk pricing. I’m so happy the east side of Madison has a store like this!  They’re located at 4017 Lien Road. Click the link above to find their Facebook page for more information and updates.
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