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The Bees Knees?

Whoever came up with the phrase "the bee's knees" to describe something cool or awesome never had to deal with the situation I encountered last Friday night!  After arriving home around 9pm, I noticed a couple dead sweat bees on the living room floor near the recliner.  I wondered "where did these come from?" and tossed them in the garbage.  I proceeded to walk further into our living room only to discover DOZENS of dead/dying sweat bees on the window sill and floor by our front window, and a few more by our front door.  In a mild state of panic I try to figure out how they're getting inside the house.  And -of course - this is one of those rare nights when my husband is not home to help because he was in central Illinois playing a gig with his band.
Out comes the Shop Vac to start sucking up all these bees, and I'm still wondering how they're getting inside the house.  I poked the extended hose into a ceiling corner above our front door to suck up a couple more bees there and noticed a small dark shape, about the size of 3 or 4 grains of rice.  I figured I had accidentally smashed a bee into that corner, but after a few seconds I noticed a bee CRAWLING OUT of this dark shape.  Ah hah!!  The bees were getting in through this small hole that had suddenly opened about our front door.  I put some scotch tape over the opening, and continued on sucking up a total of probably well over 100 bees.  When the weather cools down this fall, my husband thinks we'll remedy this situation by tearing out some of the dry wall above our door and disposing of the hive.  Oh, the joys of home ownership :P

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08/27/2013 10:35AM
The Bees Knees?
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