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Which Daytime Cold Medicine Works Best For You?

I started coming down with a cold last Friday night. It's Wednesday morning as I write this and I'm making annoyingly slow progress. Perhaps part of my problem is that I refuse to take any kind of daytime cold medications and I take the nighttime medications very sparingly. I swore them off back in the early '90s when I was on the air after taking some daytime cold medicine and started slurring my words a little and even said "Magison's Magic 98" at one point. A couple listeners were concerned enough that they called me on the studio line and asked "Sara, are you alright?"

I imagine cold remedies have improved in the 20-some years since I stopped taking them. If there are any that work well for you, I'm all ears! Please feel free to email me your suggestions at, and I'm wishing you a cold-free and flu-free fall and winter!
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