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I tend to be a very independent, self sufficient person.  I will choose to try to fix things myself before having to call for help.  I am always willing and ready to learn new things so in case of an emergency I can either help myself or someone else who needs it.  This is why it has been extremely difficult for me to ask others for help with my broken ankle.  It’s quite a humbling experience to have someone else do my laundry.  I feel guilty asking people for rides to and from work.  I am embarrassed to have people come over to see dishes piled up in my sink and Cheerios spilled all over the kitchen floor because I am unable to sweep anything or load my dishwasher.  (And apparently I am unable to properly pour a bowl of cereal, hence the Cheerios all over the floor)  It’s hard for me to have Truman stay with my neighbor.  I wonder if he misses me since she tells me what a wonderful time he is having running around in the backyard and playing with her dogs.  She said she is happy to have him, he is a very good boy and he acts like he’s lived there forever.  I’m glad he’s happy and feels comfortable.  I’m grateful…so incredibly grateful to my neighbor for taking him in since I am unable to care for him at all but I miss him horribly. 
It’s hard for me to have someone do my grocery shopping for me, to clean my house, to take out my trash, to take me to doctor appointments and everything else that I can’t do.  But the reality is I am grateful to learn a new lesson in humility.  People need people.  We can’t all do this by ourselves and when you need help….ask.
In the grand scheme of things, a broken ankle is nothing.  It will heal.  I will be back to normal in a few weeks.  In life, you can choose to complain or you can choose to be grateful for everything that happens to you even when it’s bad.  A grateful heart helps you heal faster and opens you up to people and opportunities that you might not experience and enjoy if you become angry and closed off.   All in all I’d say this broken ankle has been a good thing just to reinforce that lesson.        

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03/12/2013 10:30AM
Things I've Learned
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