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Well, I am glad it is never too late to learn to do something new.  Growing up in city apartment buildings, I was really (and still am) rather ignorant about growing things.  Over the years, I have managed to do some really nice things with flowers, but food?  Branching out in a new direction (no pun intended), I have a great grape tomato plant growing in my studio.   At a suggestion from my clever pal, I decided to try this upside down planting idea.  From what I have learned from others, they have only grown them this way outside.  They need a lot of water.  Astoundingly, it's actually growing!  The first little yellow flower blossomed on May 17th, Syttende Mai!  A little 'Norksy' flower!  There have been many more since then and I've even had to clip it back a little.  I have some sweet basil (which I have already starting picking and using in my sauces), Cuban oregano and peas, too … but, they are on the window sill.  I was thinking strawberries might be fun too!

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05/29/2013 12:21PM
Topsy Turvy
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