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My Farmer's Market Visit

We are sooo lucky to have the biggest locally sourced Farmer's Market in the country. I only got to go once last year, so I have been making up for lost time this year.

Yes, it's fun to hear street musicians, take great pictures (Ebert's Flowers, pictured at the top of this page, always wow everyone), see friends, and get duck hash at Marigold Kitchen, but this past Saturday. it was the top of the pile--pun intended--to get ground cherries! Add them to any fruit in pie and it assures perfection! (They're pictured at the bottom of this page.)

I got eggplant, plump shallots and Brussels sprouts already plucked off the stems. This is living! The breeze off the lake and lots of happy people are good for the soul, too! If you've never been to the Dane County Farmer's Market around the Capitol Square, it continues through November 5th. See you there!

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