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You keep asking for them.....

So.....I'll keep giving you progress updates on my ankle.  I had the stiches removed this morning from the hardware removal I had two weeks ago.  They also took X-rays and it all looks how it should be looking.  My main goal now is to make sure I keep doing all my PT exercises to get everything stretched and loosened up so I can eventually walk without limping.  

It is a mental game to make my right leg move in front of my left leg.  It still feels a little awkward but not as much.  I basically have to walk like I'm doing a sobriety test.  Not that I've ever had to walk a sobriety test but that's how the PT described it.  Heel to toe, heel to toe.  That way my leg and foot do the walking and not my hip.  I can walk up stairs just fine.  Still have a little trouble walking down stairs.  It's interesting to me to see what hurts and what doesn't.  It helps me know what stretches I still need to work on.  My PT would be proud of my observations, I long as I continue to do something about it.   Which, I am.  I actually tried to jog in place yesterday.  Yeah...can't do that yet but that's my goal by the end of the month.   

06/04/2013 9:53AM
You keep asking for them.....
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