Amy Abbott

amy a

I grew up in:  Middleton, WI

Year of Magic debut: 1997

The first radio station I worked at was: WHA AM 970 Madison, also known as Wisconsin Public Radio!  It was my first paying radio job and I was a weekend board-op.

Unfulfilled dream that will be most likely fulfilled one day: Going to Paris (hopefully within the next few years).

Unfulfilled dream that will most likely be fullfilled one day:  Singing in a Broadway show (at least I can go see them!).

Fave reads:  Magazines, especially any having to do with food/recipes.

I love winter when:  I don’t have to go anywhere when it is snowing outside.

I love summer when:  It stays light out until after 9pm!

Since I’ve gotten older I:  Have noticed far too many wrinkles on my face.  I could be the poster person for a “before” Botox ad.

Strange little fact:  My husband and I have never gone to see a movie in a theater together.

My unfulfilled dream is to: Visit Europe, especially Paris, France.

Fave places for “retail therapy”: Crate & Barrel, Penzey’s, Vom Fass, Farmer’s Markets.

I wish I:  Could still talk to my parents every day.