Beth Myers


I was born in Illinois and moved to Wisconsin in the 3rd grade. Since then, I have left and returned and left and returned and left and returned and . . . you get it. Besides living other places, I have also traveled all over the world. I have a wanderlust gene, but I always get called back home.

Most recently, I lived for a little less than a decade in beautiful New Orleans, Louisiana with my husband, a chef. (He’s currently executive chef at Fresco, on top of the Overture Center and the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, and I’m very proud of him!) After our daughter was born in NOLA, we decided to move back to Wisconsin so she could grow up around her grandparents. (That’s her with me in the picture above.) And after a little over two years in Madison, we had another little blessing—a bouncing baby boy! When the kids are napping, I read, embroider silly sayings onto onesies, do beadwork, and (this is most likely) sleep the sleep of the dead on the world’s most uncomfortable couch.

I have been in radio since my college days, although as a kid, I would record songs off the radio onto cassette tape,”DJ” the spots in between the songs, and then make copies of the tapes for family. (I hope all of those tapes have been burned.)Beth Myers