Kid of the Week

Lauren is This Week’s Kid

Lauren is this week’s Kid! She’s 2 years old, nominated by her Grandma Melody. She says, “Lauren is the daughter of my son, Luke, and daughter-in-law Dana. We love Lauren to pieces!” Lauren wins prizes from Madison Property Management and Thompson Investment

Everett: Kid of the Week

Everett is this week’s Kid of the Week. He’s 8 months old, nominated by his Aunt Stephanie. She says, “Everett is very cheerful and content. Everett’s hands are always moving and everything goes in the mouth!” Everett wins prizes from Madison Property Management and Thompson Investment

Kamden the Super Kid (of the Week)

Kamden is this week’s Kid of the Week. He’s two years old, nominated by his grandmother, Jacki. She says, “Kamden is our very own superhero. He’s everything a super hero should be: smart, funny, brave, kind, and courteous. He’s a helper for his mom, Jayme, and shares

Kid of the Week: Harper

Harper is this week’s Kid of the Week. She’s two years old, nominated by her mother, Brooke. She says, “Our Harper is a fun and imaginative two-year-old! She loves playing with her toys, especially her ducks and taking walks to the park. Her favorite foods are goldfish,