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In Awe of Wonder

Stevie Wonder sang at the Grammy Awards last month, but I couldn’t stop watching the other musicians on stage that were awed by his presence.  In 1988, I attended a radio broadcasting convention in Dallas.  One event

The Day I Worked

I’m writing this before 4:00 in the morning, and since it will appear on the website of my employer I suppose it’s “work,” but I’m lucky to love radio broadcasting so I rarely feel like I work. 

The Beatles!

I’m not old enough to remember the Beatles on Ed Sullivan 50 years ago, but I recall a house full of siblings that became instant Beatles fans. “I want to hold your hand” is the first song

911 Calls

Please keep an eye on your pet during the winter cold. While no animal should be wandering the streets alone, I was surprised to see one of these guys, a Burnese Mountain dog, strolling on University Avenue