The Lake Was Shakin'

Hope you got a chance to catch the Shake the Lake fireworks show last weekend. It was really cool. We biked into the event, heeding the advice about not trying to drive and park. It was good advice, as

No Words

I'm a guy who makes a living putting words together. But I have to say I find it difficult to put into words just how badly I feel for the families and friends of the people who were killed in our country's

A Rite of Spring

My wife and I celebrated another year of wedded bliss recently. It's truly amazing since my wife Terri is a brilliant, accomplished woman with her head on straight. Go figure! Anyway, I celebrated our anniversary by picking

Farewell, Cassie

There's been a big change around our house. Our kitty Cassie left us. No she didn't run away . . .  she got very old. The fact is, Cassie had a great life. She was 20 years