Dave "The Morning Show Organist"

I grew up in:  Madison...and I wouldn't trade it for anywhere.  A great place to grow up.

First radio job:  Sales at Mid-West Family (Magic 98's parent company) back in 1986.

Favorite childhood memory:  Waking up on Christmas morning...and taking off on a family vacation...a train ride to California!  It was a blast!

If you had to leave your house in a flash, what would you take?  My cat, Madie, and pictures of my family.  Oh - and my wife.  LOL!

I still can't believe:  How beautiful Wisconsin is in the fall...

I'd give anything to meet:  Brian Wilson.  I really admire his music and what he has gone through in his life, and the fact that he is still creating unbelievable music at 67.  He is a genius.

I knew I was an adult when:  I got married and had my daughters - Melissa and Anna.

My favorite Magic 98 moment:  Going to the Bahamas for a day with the Magic Crew...way back when.  That was a blast!

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7pm - Midnight