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A Warm Wish for You

I honestly and truly love it when it's cold out. I don't want to be up fixing telephone poles or being stranded with a flat tire, but I don't want that in the summer time either! I sleep deeper in the winter. I love my hot tea and coffee. If I'm chatting with friends outside, I love seeing our breath mingle together in the air. I think frost patterns and icicles are gorgeous. The fresh scent off the river - intoxicating! Besides that, winter is 6 months long; I don't want to wish all that time away any faster than it already goes. However, so many of my friends prefer it warm, so here is a summer morning for you.
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There's Magic in This Snow

There are some advantages of getting here to the Magic 98 studio at the crack of dawn. There is very little traffic while driving here, of course. But this particular morning, the view out of the break room window was pure magic. It seemed to me that all of these trees were leaning in close to be sure to hear what we were playing!
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