Magic Pays Your Bills Rules

Prize:  Magic 98 will pay your bill

Prize value (each):  Amount varies

Enter:  Email at; by fax to 608-441-0098; via mail to Magic 98, Magic Pays Your Bills, 730 Ray O Vac Dr, Madison, WI, 53711
Entry timeline/details:  Tuesday 4/28/15 - Friday 5/22/15.  You may enter one type of bill regardless of entry method (For example, one mortgage bill, one electric bill, one phone bill, one car payment, etc)  Please don’t send multiple months of one bill...we just need one.  Each copy of the bill must have entrant’s name and mailing address on it.  Each type of bill is eligible for each day at each time.  Overdue or delinquent bills will not be considered for payment.  Deadline to enter is 12pm on Friday, May 22, 2015.
How to Win: Weekdays, Monday 5/18/15 – Friday 5/22/15 a winning name will be announced on the air at 7am, 12noon and 4pm.  That name has 10 minutes to call the Magic Line (321-0098).  If the announced name doesn’t call back, there will not be an additional name chosen.  There will not be a winner for that day/time slot.
Winners:  Will receive a check in the mail for the amount of the bill that was selected.  The check will be made out to the winner.
We’re sorry, but:  Magic 98 assumes no responsibility for prizes and gift certificates, as well as the actual services rendered, once delivered to the winner.  Winner releases from liability and holds harmless WMGN and their affiliated companies from developments attributable to illness, weather, equipment failure, natural disasters, human error and acts of God. 
In addition:  Winner agrees to allow use of their name, voice and likeness in promotional materials by Magic 98.  Winner is responsible for applicable taxes and additional expenses.  A copy of IRM Form 1099 will be supplied to the winner on or before January 31, 2016 

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