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I Knew There Was a Reason I Was Feeling Blue Today

It was this evening when it occurred to me that today (12/16) is the 7th anniversary of Dan Fogelberg's passing. He's one of my favorites artists of all time. I just loved his voice and songwriting, and he was taken from us way too soon due to prostate cancer. One of my favorite holiday songs is his "Same Old Lang Syne." It sounds like a New Year's song, but the story actually unfolds on Christmas Eve. Here's a wonderful live rendition I found from a PBS performance.

Rest in peace, Dan. You're still sorely missed.
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The Joys (and Surprises) of Thrift Shopping

Anyone who knows me well knows I love to shop at thrift stores. My closet is full of very gently used (and quite a few brand new!) items that cost about 10% - 50% of what they would have cost when they were brand new.

One recent evening I was shopping for jeans at a Madison thrift store and found a pair of Levi's that looked nearly brand new. I tried them on, and they fit great. These jeans would probably cost around $40 brand new on sale, and I'm paying less than $8. Score! These were Levi's 511 jeans. I thought "hmmm, I'm not familiar with 511s so I'll have to look them up online." I searched for them online when I got home later that evening, and it turns out they are MEN'S jeans! Someone at the store had accidentally placed them on the women's rack, but I decided to keep them anyway. Now I have to live with my husband's endless teasing that I'm going to start raiding his closet and wearing his clothes :)
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