Dana Daul

Born in:  Waukesha, WI …Go Northstars!

Graduated from:  UW-Madison a “couple” of years ago with a Communications bachelor’s and more recently from MATC with an accounting degree.

I love/am passionate about:  Family, friends and spending quality time with them, alternative healing and energy work, helping others heal, music, playing softball, doing jigsaw and Sudoku puzzles, seeing live bands, exploring new places, bon fires, Packers, Badgers, being at the beach, nature, and doing taxes/bookkeeping.

Favorite local band:  VO5  They play a lot of disco and funk.  They even have a live horn section.  (I do mostly work Saturday at the 70s, so no surprise.)

Favorite musician:  I can’t choose because there are too many, but if I could meet one man and one woman, they would be Paul McCartney and Madonna, or Ann & Nancy Wilson, or Lady Gaga, or Cyndi Lauper, or Adele, or Pat Benatar, or P!nk, or Aretha Franklin, or maybe I still can’t choose.

What's left on my bucket list:  Setting foot in each of the 50 states, visit Victoria Falls, swim with dolphins, raft the Grand Canyon, and get to back Australia.

Outwardly I wish for:  Joy, happiness, and love for all, and World Peace.

Inwardly I wish:  To be a back up singer on tour.  That way there are plenty of singers to drown out the sound of my voice, I get to travel and see the sights since nobody would know who I am, and I would get paid for it.

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