Millionaire for a Day Contest Rules

  1. On Friday, September 20, 2013, Magic 98 WMGN will award the following prize for two people:  $1,250 gift card for Sundara Inn and Spa in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, limo service for approx four hours in Madison, then a ride up to Sundara and a ride back home the next day.  Pick up and drop off for Dane County addresses only, (approx. value $750), A private Betty Lou Cruise for six with lunch from Mariner’s Inn (approx. value $650) an aerial tour of Dane County in a plane from Morey Field in Middleton (approx. $75), a house cleaning from Merry Maids valued at $250, one day’s interest on one million dollars (approximate value $269), visit to the Magic 98 Morning Show.  Total approximate prize value: $3,244.00 

  2. Winner will receive all prizes during a visit to the Magic 98 morning show on a date to be determined as soon as possible after winning.  Winner is then responsible for certificate redemption.

  3. Contest open to all properly registered (see Rule 4 below) persons aged 16 or older, except employees of Magic 98  and its affiliated companies and members of their immediate families living at the same address.

  4. To register submit name, address and daytime phone number on line at, by fax at (608) 441-0098 or by mail to Magic 98 Millionaire For A Day, 730 Ray O Vac Drive, Madison, WI 53711 from Friday August 30 through 12noon on Thursday, September 19, 2013.  All registration ends at 12noon Thursday September 19, 2013.  Magic 98 is not responsible for lost, misdirected or delayed applications.  One entry per person, regardless of method. 

  5. To win: On Friday, September 20, 2013, at approximately 7:30 am CDT, Magic 98 will broadcast the name of a randomly-selected registrant.  That person will have 10 minutes from that time to call Magic 98 at 321-0098 or 1-800-708-0098 and claim the prize.  That registrant must personally contact Magic 98; no other person may claim the prize on behalf of him/her.  If Magic 98 is not contacted within 10 minutes by the first registrant, Magic 98 will select another registrant’s name and will repeat the process until a winner is confirmed.  Magic 98 assumes no liability for any malfunction of the telephone system with the exception of a telephone problem at the time of giveaway that is subsequently traced to Magic 98’s equipment.  In that instance, the awarding of the prize will be voided, and a random drawing will be conducted among all listeners announced on-air.  Winner will be selected by drawing; they will not be required to call to claim prize.  In the event of Magic 98 being unable to broadcast for more than 10 minutes at the specified announcement time, the prize will be awarded at a later time; that time will be no earlier than one hour after Magic 98 resumes broadcasting.

  6. Winner agrees to allow use of their name, voice and likeness in promotional materials by Magic 98.  Winner is responsible for applicable taxes and additional expenses.  A copy of IRS Form 1099 will be supplied to the winner on or before January 31, 2014.

  7. To claim your prize, you must present photo proof of identification.

  8. Failure to comply with the terms of these official rules constitutes fraud and will result in disqualification.  Compliance to be judged by management of Magic 98 and decision is final.

  9. Winner releases from liability and holds harmless Magic 98 WMGN and its affiliated companies from developments attributable to illness, weather, equipment failure, natural disasters, human error and acts of terrorism and/or God. 

  10. Winner agrees that there are risks involved in any type of travel and realizes WMGN and their affiliated companies are not responsible for those risks.

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