Pat O’Neill

10 Things About Me

1. I made my first radio appearance at age 11, as the “Junior member” of the Madison Coin Club before the big annual show. A nerd then and now.
2.  My alarm is set for 3:50AM, but I usually wake up earlier. That’s what 30-plus years on a morning radio show does to you.
3.  I wish Bridgeman’s was still around. It’s hard to find a good malt.
4.  I have no problem imagining 40,000 listeners each morning. Addressing 40 people in a room makes me nervous.
5.  I can no longer ride a Tilt-A-Whirl.
6.  Even though it was her time, the death of my golden retriever in 2011 was tougher for me than the death of any relative.
7.  When end-of-life is near, we are kinder to our animals than our relatives. I hope that changes in my lifetime.
8.  Green pepper is my favorite pizza topping.
9.  I enjoy hearing from Magic listeners. 321-0098 rings in the studio.
10.  My daughter is a gourmet cook. My wife and I were not her inspiration.