Raina Bartell

People always ask, “So you like music, what got you into radio?”

  • Paul Harvey and The Rest of the Story. I’d walk the one city block to my dad’s house on my lunch breaks in the 6th grade. He made me ham sandwiches while we listened.
  • Suspense, and “Sorry Wrong Number.” My first radio drama. That was my first theater-of-the-mind moment, and it was when I knew I wanted to be on air myself. It was a gripping experience, and I was in awe of the power radio has.
  • WUEC 89.7 FM. My campus radio station at UW-Eau Claire, where on my first day I found the answer to my biggest problem in the form of one question: “How to expect to ever make this a career if you don’t like the sound of your voice?”
  • WHYS 96.3 FM. Eau Claire’s community radio station. I DJ’d my own show on Saturday nights.
  • And now, Magic 98.

When I’m not on-air, you can catch me at a show, on the road, or walking around Madison. I collect coasters and coins.