Super Chili Tradition

Written by on January 30, 2014

Super Bowl Sunday is not far off, and at our house, we’ll revisit our annual tradition:  Super Bowl Chili. I’ve made a pot of some kind of chili for every Super Bowl game since 1984, so this is the 31st annual.
The recipe changes from year to year.  When the tradition began, it was a simple recipe from the cookbook that came with our first microwave oven, the one we got as a wedding present from Ann’s parents.  It’s gotten both more and less elaborate as time’s gone by.  I usually make it from scratch, but I have also been known to buy one of those canned Chili Magic things from the grocery store in a pinch.  One of my favorite recipes uses fried bologna. (It’s not very healthy, but it’s insanely good.)  I tried making an Emeril recipe with andouille sausage one year (which wasn’t all that great), and I’ve used my brother’s recipe several years even though he’s the only one who can ever get it right.  My most reliable recipe is one from Cherokee Bison Farm.  It has so much stuff in it that I had to get a special giant pot to make it in.  The recipe is meant to be made with ground bison, of course, but I’ve used ground turkey and even ground emu over the years.
The sides and desserts vary from year to year, too.  The only constant is that there’s always too much of everything. And there’s beer.  Oh yes, plenty of beer.
Enjoy the game, everybody.

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