Coming Out of the Dark

Written by on February 10, 2014

There’s an author who once said something that has stuck with me for years.  “Please be responsible for the energy you bring into this space.”  I love that and think of it often.  So, I’m well aware that I’m about to bring negative energy into this space, but this winter can kiss my butt!  Oh my LORD … between the freezing cold and the constant snow, we haven’t had any good time outside in the fresh air since December.  And to top it all off, my family had the stomach flu four weeks ago and H1N1 last week.  I have disinfected every inch of my house … every lightswitch, every doorknob, every surface that couldn’t run from me – a million times.  I hope and pray we can stay healthy for the remainder of the winter. 

I will never underestimate a beautiful spring evening when we can eat dinner and then head outside to shoot some hoops or go for a walk around the neighborhood ever again.  Please Mother Nature … I’m sorry for ever cursing you out in the 100 degree temps just a few months ago.  I didn’t mean it and I’ve learned my lesson.  You win.  Just give us a morning without a negative sign in from of the temperature.  The furnace needs a break.  There’s not enough water in the world to put any moisture back into the air.  Last night I got out of bed and my fuzzy pajama pants actually created sparks when I moved in the sheets.  And our skin?  I should’ve bought stock in chapstick and hand lotion…after this winter, I would’ve been a millionaire!! 

It’s time to do the right thing Ms. Nature, ma’am.  Give us our spring, please.  Nevermind that pesky rodent and his shadow … you can totally trump him.  For the love of all things sunshiney and warm … spring needs to be here. NOW!

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