Written by on February 18, 2014

I am really sorry that people don’t enjoy winter.  I have so much fun that I think I’d like a vacation in Alaska!  When it’s warm out, you can’t see your breath, the bugs take over and you can’t sleep under soft cozy covers like a bear.
In winter, hot coffee is magical. The world beneath the snow is like a glistening fairy land, and you are walking a few inches above the ground on water.  A lit fireplace transports … and is so dear if you’re with friends or alone.  The ducks and geese sleep on the ice and snow like big feather balls.  
When I got to work this past Sunday, a rabbit had walked up to the door. I had just missed him, but its tracks were freshly printed. There are no fandangos to kick off your wheel wells, and don’t get me started on all the excellent winter festival things like ice carving, sledding, ice skating …

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