Month: March 2014

Consignment sale shopping is about some of the best advice I ever got.  Yes orginally when you found out you were going to be a parent, you hit the internet and the stores so that your precious little cherub gets everything bright, shiny and new.  But then you wise up.  Consignment Sale shopping is an […]

I know it’s true that nothing lasts forever, but seeing this fantastic, historically preserved building closing its doors is just heart breaking.  As one of the workers who shared in the blood, sweat & tears of its creation, I promise you it’s worth the trip to check it out and get a great deal on […]

There are few events in your life where you remember EVERYTHING.  One of those rare times for me was when my nephew Carter was born.  It was five years ago on Monday, St. Patrick’s Day.  I remember what I was wearing.  I remember the 24-hours leading up to it.  I remember what the air smelled […]

In 1961, the Belgian composer Jacques Brel wrote “Le Moribond,” a dark song about a man about to be executed, and sang it in an unsentimental, almost jazzy style. Sample lyric, translated to English: Goodbye, Tony, I didn’t like you too much you know It’s killing me to be dying today While you are so […]

The anniversay of my ankle break was just a couple of weeks ago.  I didn’t do anything to celebrate it except take a walk.  My ankle will never be the same as it was.  I don’t think I’ll ever be able to play tennis again, but I could probably run a 5K.  I really can’t wear high heels […]

The Annual Habitat for Humanity Fundraiser is back!  All are welcome to attend the opening reception April 11 at the Artisan Gallery in Paoli.  In case you’ve never heard of or been to this event,  it’s art that’s all created with recycled materials.   This year I’ve used recycled reverse-plated chromophotography glass plates (sometimes called un-plates). […]

I will never take for granted my little seven-minute drive to work I used to have.  We moved a year and a half ago to the east side of Madison, so now I’m a beltline commuter.  These are the things that I’ve all too many times seen, watched and witnessed that just baffle me … […]

No matter where you work, you’re likely to run into all kinds of people. In all my years of radio, I’ve known many good ones, only a few terrible ones, and lots of interesting characters. –There was the newscaster who was afraid to go on the air live. As long as she could record her […]

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