Month: April 2014

Good news from the Hansen household!  There’s going to be a new addition.  Roman Frederick will be Everett’s little brother and his ETA is August 28th.  Now that I’m of ‘Advanced Maternal Age’ things are a little more achey and I’m a little slower, but I’m so happy and feel very blessed to be able […]

Last October I planted some tulip bulbs by my front steps and by my side steps.   I was excited all winter for them to come up this spring.  They were supposed to be all different colors so I could not wait to see what they would look like.  Just a couple of weeks ago the tulips […]

If you are a 70s music fanatic (and odds are good that you are), these are good times in Madison. Chicago plays Overture Hall on April 28th, and two more high-profile shows have been booked for the summer. On July 16th, Jackson Browne is scheduled to play Overture Hall. It’s an acoustic show–an article in […]

Coming up on Saturday, May 3, I’m going to be teaching a 3-hour workshop that shares my secret technique for painting my leaves at the Chroma Art Bar in Fort Atkinson. The class is open to six people – with additional classes to be added if there is enough interest.   The Chroma Art Bar […]

Last Friday was like any other sort of day.  Got done with work, headed home to see my son and then we went downstairs to play.  That’s where our sweet kitty, Piper, lives.  She’s finally given up on trying to pretend that she likes the dogs and chooses to claim the entire basement as her […]

Coming up on May 16th, my turtle, Joe, makes his acting debut at Olbrich Gardens.  It’s a special series for tots to learn about animals ‘around the pond.’  The class is already filled (it’s small, so it filled up quickly).  A frog, a worm and a turtle (Joe) will be there for the kiddies to see […]

If you are reading this blog post, that means I am still on the Magic payroll, although I haven’t been on the air much lately. I have another job that requires me to travel from time to time, and that’s where I’ve been. Killing time in a hotel one night, I came up with a […]

My dog Truman is a herding breed, so he needs lots of exercise and “projects” to keep his mind and body stimulated.  I bought an agility course to set up in my backyard.  But until it gets warmer and the ground dries up, I’ve been looking for something fun we can do indoors together.  I […]

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