We’re Officially Proud Mini Van Owners

Written by on May 21, 2014

I was just waiting … waiting for my husband to finally come around to a mini van rather than an SUV.  He researched which SUV we were going to get.  Figured out our possible monthly payments.  Decided which dealership we’d buy from –  and I supported his hard work. 

I thought – I could do an SUV for a little while, that’s fine.  They sure are nice to look at, but then he read an article from a guy.  One that was right around his age that had a little, growing family just like ours and he mocked the heel-dragging of parents everywhere when it came to the big evolution of mini van driving.  He laughed at the egos of moms and dads everywhere who were either trying to be someone they were not or were finding it hard to admit where they were in life that would create a necessity for a mini van.  Is it the word?  Mini van?  Is it what it represents?  A family?  Why is there such a fine line drawn between families with SUVs and families with mini vans?  Why did I want a mini van? 

It’s very simple.  I’ve been responsible for giving Everett way too many goose eggs on his sweet little forehead with the dang car door. WHOOPS!  I didn’t see you there, buddy!  I’m so sorry!’  I was done apologizing to my son for busting his face with a car door.  It was time for those beautiful, thoughtful, sweet sliding doors to make their way into our garage.   And so they have.  And so I’m happy.

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